Post match reaction to Wales' defeat by Germany.

John Toshack was unhappy at two match changing decisions. The first was to award germany a throw when it was clearly a Welsh ball and the second was not to award a penalty for Wales.

He said: "The first goal was a ridiculous decision, the throw was for Wales and the linesman had given it.

"Aaron Ramsey was trotting across to take it from an area of the midfield where Ballack was waiting so when the ball was passed by Ballack, Ramsey was not in any position to defend against him.

"As for the handball, it was a penalty and should have been a red card. If that had happened it may not have been so easy for Germany.

"The referee produced decisions you would not see on Llandaff (Cardiff) playing fields in park football."

Toshack added: "Mind you, whether we would have scored a penalty is another matter, we have missed three already in this campaign, but that is not the point.

"It is tough enough playing against one of the best sides in the world without getting those decisions from the referee, we didn't deserve that.

"As for the performance, and considering we lost our captain Craig Bellamy with a knee injury, I can't have asked for more from my team against such a top team."

After Germany's second win in five days, manager Joachim Low said: "It was extremely important that we won these two games.

"We now have 16 points from 18 in this group with four games left. That means I am absolutely content with the situation."

Low also played down an on-pitch row between Ballack and Lukas Podolski that needed to be ended by the referee in the second half.

Low said: "I have not had the chance to talk to them about it, but if a captain gives out orders on the pitch it is the duty of any players to carry them out."